Who we are

Once upon a time, villains have reigned in the Wild West. An ordinary man lived in fear for his live and property. But the few righteous emerged during that dark era. They stood up for principles and shielded the land of man from evil. The darnkess dispersed (dissipated?) and sun broke through, bringing hope to todays California.

Nowadays ruthless rouges prey on their victims on contemporary Wild West - blockchain. They don't use knives and guns - instead their weapon are errors and holes in lousy code. Enormous amounts of money get lost - tens of billions of dollars. But do not despair! BlockHunters are the sherifs to protect your money, business, private data. Our mission is to hunt bugs, loopholes and all sort of errors in order to make the great and innovative technology of blockchain civilised. Choose safety!

Meet our hunters!

Jakub Turliński (Lead Developer)

Jakub Turliński spent many sleeples nights looking at thousands of lines of code, first as a full stack, then in blockchain development. For last 3 years he hunted for bugs.
He is a co-founder and Lead Developer. He's responsible for the audit scope, leading and conducting security checks, code review and designing exploits.
Jakub in his free time, free from code developing, does develop his passion as a fire artist. He can spit with fire in a great number of sophisticated ways. If you play with fire, some things get burned, not once, nor twice had Jakub his forniture replaced after some trick practiced at home did not work out as intended. Yes, they say "don't do it at home" for a reason! Please be assured Jakub is not allowed to spit fire during his office hours!

Radoslav Kobus (CVO)

Radoslav Kobus has co-founded and supported as angel invesotr or VC a number of succcesfull start-ups. Exited 8 companies, including his first business, "garage" project - GoldenLine ("Polish LI"). His fields of expertiese are long term vision and strategy creation and implementation of customer-centric philosophy.
Radosław is a co-founder and CVO.
Radosław, in a way, came to us from the other side of the barricade. In his youth he was antydigital anarchist before it became trendy. Inner fire of his defiance was fueled by teenage idealism, so he did not mitigate his acts of luddist wrath: he tangled Commodore-64 tapes, wrecked Atari cartriges and demagnetized floppy disks. His fury burned out though and he has surrendered to the world of modern technology with new belief: if I cannot stop it, I will improve it.

Ivo Zieliński (Developer)

Ivo Zieliński has 5+ yrs experience in soft dev., 3+ yrs in penetration testing and 2+ yrs in blockchain.
Ivo is our developer. He does code review and automatic tests. He's a specialist in network system vulnerabilities.
Ivo attends historical reconstruction events on regular basis. He does not join sides in any ussual manner though. Instead, he tries to change history, suddenly appearing on a battlefield dressed as the Batman. Other participants are first stroke with great confusion, than with anger - and both opposing sides unite against the hero they need, but don't deserve. An unlikely peace is reached. And instead they hunt him - because he can take it.