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Making blockchain safe is our mission.

Blockchain is a technology of the future. It’s now becoming the foundation of the next Internet generation, being already used by millions of people. Though, as any new technology, it still suffers from infancy diseases – scam and security breaches. We believe making blockchain safe is building secure Internet of the future. People and companies need protection and that’s where BlockHunters come in. We mercilessly hunt bugs, security breaches and help create better future for the whole society.

Why do an audit anyway?

10% of funds is lost due to illegal activity.

According to EY report, more than 10% of ICO proceeds are lost as a result of attacks.

Phishing is a great threat for your investors.

Phishing has become the no 1 tool for hackers to damage the reputation of your ICO – they steal up to $1.5m USD every month.

Quality code is hard to find.

Solidity coding language and blockchain technology are relatively new, but attractive. As a result number of programmers is quickly rising, but there are few experienced developers and security experts.

Investors like to be sure.

According to recent study, great majority of investors prefer audited ICOs vs not audited. Although it's quite obvious.

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Our customer care actually cares. We reply within 2 hours during business hours. We always seek the best output for our Customers.
We are here for you – you can get tailored offer, adjusted to your specific needs.
We don’t flee after an audit is done. We offer extended protection and consulting.
Our advisors are top VC investors or technological companies founders. We have great experience and huge amounts of knowledge behind our backs.
We love what we do. It is not our job. It is our mission.

Our clients and partners

Read about our latest audit!

Last weeks of 2018 brought some exciting news for us – after 1,5 months we have finished one of the most interesting blockchain audit we’ve ever conducted. I’m talking here about Dispatch Labs and their Dispatch Protocol based on completely innovative DAPoS consensus mechanism and probably one of the most interesting application of blockchain technology. Wanna hear more?

  • Fr8

    "Our work with BlockHunters was effortless. They operated on an EXTEREMELY tight deadline for us to meet our token sale date. Their knowledge of attack vectors and speedy response helped us find a small but important bug that got fixed immediately per their suggestion."

    Sloane Brakeville
    CEO @ Fr8 Network

  • Dispatch

    "The Blockhunters team went above and beyond the anticipated scope, not just auditing our virtual machine and possible double-spending attacks, but even demonstrating how an attacker might try to exploit our network from the outside. The insights they provided gave us (and our investors) the confidence we needed to deploy our Mainnet."

    Zane Witherspoon
    CTO @ Dispatch Protocol