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Bitcoin scam remains a very serious threat to both finances of cryptocurrency users and to dynamics of development of this future-grounding technology. How to stay safe? Let’s find out. I will not spare you the bitter truth: the great majority of successful scams is a result of user’s negligence, naivety and laziness. Perhaps swallowing the bitterness of the medicine will save you from tasting poisonous flavours of being a scam victim. What are bitcoin scam red alerts?   1. Phishing Phishing becomes number 1 method used by hackers. Be suspicious – double check e-mails supposedly…
ICO review - 5 mistakes investors make Before we'll plunge into the subject and analyse good (and bad) practices of ICO investment assessment, we need some clarification, what ICO review is. This article is not about ICO gambling. It is not about investment meant as day trading etc. We'll focus our interest on ICO review - how to avoid mistakes, that most of the time turn out to be very costly. source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/business To start with, I suggest setting up an introductory rule. There are some basic laws of physics and there are some basic laws…
Last weeks of 2018 brought some exciting news for us - after 1,5 months we have finished one of the most interesting blockchain audit we've ever conducted. I'm talking here about Dispatch Labs and their Dispatch Protocol based on completely innovative DAPoS consensus mechanism and probably one of the most interesting application of blockchain technology. Wanna hear more? Let's dive in! (more…)